200 GB.
Estimated virtual capacity:
75 TB.
1200 GB.
Estimated virtual capacity:
250 TB.
RAID 6 and NIC.
NETTOP (190mm / 135mm / 25mm).
80 GB.
Estimated virtual capacity:
20 TB.
Low noise and power consumption


Post-process deduplication vs. in-line deduplication:

The main advantage of post-process deduplication as opposed to in-line deduplication is a higher backup throughput and smaller backup time. This is because the information is first stored in the appliance and then deduplicated later without interfering with the backup process.

Lortu provides post-process deduplication.

Byte-level differencing vs. pattern matching (storing a hash for each pattern or block):

Pattern matching is less scalable than differencing as the data to be deduplicated grows, because the table with hashes uses more memory and CPU as it has to manage more data. However, its greater drawback is the restore time.

If backup time is critical, the restore time is much more critical. Since the patterns are spread over the full disk in very small blocks of information, the system requires reads of one or two clusters for each small pattern. This means that restore time can be more than 10 times slower than copying the non-deduplicated information. With byte-level differencing, the information is stored in much larger blocks, and usually the restore time is very close to copying the non-deduplicated information.

Also pattern matching technology requires several weeks before the deduplication process can be effective. With byte-level differencing the deduplication is very effective from the second backup, and effectiveness improves as new files are included in the vault.

Lortu provides byte-level differencing deduplication.

Data agnostic vs. content-aware approach:

Data agnostic technologies work with any kind of information or file format. The drawback of the content-aware approach is that the technology needs to understand the format of the files. If the file format is different than expected (a new version of the application for instance), or if the application isn't supported by the technology, the deduplication process is not possible.

Lortu deduplication technology is agnostic to the data. It can deduplicate data of any kind, any file format or file type.

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All our products include 60 days of query support, and one year warranty of the appliance. Additionally you can purchase extensions to the services included with the appliance.

LORTU offers all these services and customer support through its certified partners. Through them, customers receive support for the agreed time frames. Our certified partners have experience working with many systems that complement our products.

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