About us

Lortu is a company dedicated to the development of storage appliances based on our proprietary data deduplication technologies.

In 2003 Lortu Software began to investigate a technology which could drastically reduce the space needed for storing backups by replacing duplicated data with references. Lortu called that technology Kondar.

The data storage industry did not have a commonly accepted term to describe this technology for several years. It was in the second half of 2006 when this technology began to be known as deduplication in the computer magazines.

Lortu: innovation as a way of working.

Lortu not only anticipated the solution to a future need by several years, we also followed up by innovating in both technology and marketing.

In 2006 we began to commercialize our technology as components to be integrated into other software or hardware products.

In 2007 we developed our first backup appliance, and decided to take a further step of innovation by becoming the first deduplication manufacturer in the world offering its technology as a managed backup service.

In 2011 we are taking another important step with the decision to market our new family of backup appliances (LDA) exclusively through the channel:

  • As a product which is sold to the end user.
  • As a managed service, without requiring a significant initial investment.

Additionally we offer our deduplication technology to storage manufacturers and to customers with special requirements in order to integrate one of the best byte-level deduplication technologies on the market into custom storage systems.

Deduplication, like other areas of technology, is constantly evolving. At Lortu we are always working to offer the most innovative solutions to our customers and partners, as a pioneer company in this field.

You can send us any proposal at this email address: customer@lortu.com